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Founded by a group of engineers who are trained and specialized in medical device OEMs, Link Medical Systems is one of the first independent service companies in Europe.

Link delivers customized service and maintenance for your CT, MRI and PET/CT systems in compliance with OEM standards. We are uniquely positioned to offer cost-effective services compared to the OEMs who tend to be less flexible in this sense. Link proves high level of expertise with its team of outstanding engineers and a long history of successful collaborations, and provides you with the most affordable and flexible service.

Link promptly responds to the needs of your organisation, and has special offers tailored to your requirements. Regular check-ups for the MRI and other systems play a critical role in keeping your equipment up and running.

We also provide a full range of services in Europe, Africa, Russia and Turkic Republics, starting from the product sale through management and disassembly of the CT, MRI, PET/CT or other nuclear medicine systems.


Link Medical Systems finds the most affordable and proper equipment for your organisation and offers cost effective solutions. We also designate the specifications for the equipment considering the facility’s capacity.


Link’s guarantee applies to all used or new equipment that are purchased or rented from us. Our experienced engineers assist you, and help you avoid breakdowns and other problems after sales or during installation.


In a situation when you rented a device, your organisation is covered with high-level contracts at Link. When you think you no longer need this equipment, you do not have to deal with it all by yourself, and let us handle the task.

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Adress: Ferhatpasa Mah. 48. Sok. No:1 A/1
34888 – Atasehir
Istanbul / TURKEY

Kazakistan Adress:Business Center KB 10 Kabanbay Batyr street 10 3rd floor 050010 Almaty

Telephone: +7 (775) 731-41-42

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